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We work out video concepts and campaigns for customers with a strong focus on the social web. Whether event, product, company or brand: every customer has a unique story to tell. Our well-established team offers the perfect combination of multichannel storytelling – from the concept over video-production, social-media-marketing, community building and influencer marketing to the analysis of your video-projects. Not only do we have our eye on the success of the project, but also on the budget and the timetable of our customers.  



In order to attain a perfect realization of the campaign, we work on the following steps. These we also offer individually depending on the project. 



How have the existing tools been used until now? How can they be more efficient? We make an analysis of the as-is state in order to determine which platforms, channels, tools and possibilities to use.



What stories are to be told? How and where are they placed? Based on the findings of the social profile, a tailor made campaign is worked out.  



How do we tell the stories? How is the campaign to be accompanied with additional video, picture and text material? Together the concept of the campaign is worked out and developed. 



The suitable mix of quantity and quality – during the production important emotions and messages are communicated. This means: the better the concept, the simpler the production.



How do we bring the campaign to the target group? With data-driven campaign management and the help of the right tools, we avoid waste coverage and achieve the best possible results. In order to perfectly reach your target audience, the campaign is not only placed correctly but also continually monitored and optimized. 



Were all the goals achieved or could the next campaign be designed more efficiently? An important additional benefit of digital campaigns lies in the ability to precisely analyse the results. 




david luisi
managing director

For David Luisi the magic of a campaign lies in the perfect symbiosis of professionally produced video material and the endless possibilities of the web. Since 1995 Luisi has created visions, ideas and solutions in digital communication. He has realized various web and mobile campaigns and produced motion pictures. 


kuble ag
social media partner

Consultation and strategy, social media marketing, community management, monitoring and analytics, content production, content marketing, brand journalism, inbound marketing and implementation.


christian breitschmid
creative director

Christian Breitschmid has been part of video communication from the outset. Therefore, he knows about every imaginable means of video and film production, and has a distinct flair for suitable concepts. By the way: his web-clips count for more than 200 million views… 


luana trumino
communications director

Ever since childhood, Luana Trumino has been captured by the magic of stories. In 2010 she made storytelling her main occupation. She has ghostwritten numerous books, authored television programs, written content for websites and social media. Like Tom Stoppard, she thinks that ‘words deserve respect. If you choose the right ones in the right order, you can move the world a little.'

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